Here are notes (from James Birchall) on the Wednesday, August 23 Greens Committee Meeting. 


Just wanted to send an update from the meeting yesterday.  Attached is the handout that I provided for the group.  We also have a new member to the committee from the Shoreline Golf Club, Teru Harada which replaces Jim Cottrell.


Some of the questions/comments that came up were the following:


·         Bunker Sand Consistency – some bunkers have sand and some don’t.  Staff has currently filled in 4 bunkers with new sand and will try and complete some more with the course improvement fund that is available.  We are also looking to try a new lining in the bunkers to keep the squirrels out.

·         Geese control – seem to be more geese and their droppings on the golf course.  Staff is working on getting the volunteers back in order.  We are trying to bring on more Green’s Guards after we fill the starter positions. 

·         Markers on the driving range – getting distance markers in the landing areas so that when practicing golfers know how far they are hitting.  I have tasked Steve Janisch, our new Head Golf Pro to purchase markers every 50 yards starting at 100 and ending at 200.  They will be on both sides of the range.

·         Divots in the Fairways – Currently we don’t have staff filling every divot in the fairways.  Staff fill tees.

·         Starters moved to the before the cement bridge to #1 has been successful.

·         Golfers sent to the back 9 in the morning – Staff should only send golfers to the back 9 the first hour of daylight.  Also the golfers that tee off in the morning shouldn’t tee off before their assigned time to give maintenance time to stay ahead of play.


Thanks and see you all on the Links.


James Birchall

General Manager - Shoreline Golf Links

Regional Manager – Touchstone Golf

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