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Whatís Happening This Summer?  Lots!!
I have been asked by many of my students to put together my class schedule for the summer.  Here is just a small segment of what golf instruction classes will be available from ShorelineBill Golf Academy this summer.
I hope you can be one of the growing numbers of students learning like the LPGA and PGA Tour Proís from the ShorelineBill Golf Academy.
I attend lots of seminars and learn from the best teacherís in the world on a daily basis.  I like to share with my studentís all that I have learned!
One of my junior students, won the California State Junior Championship and finished 14th in the World Championships in Pinehurst, NC.   I just helped a former member of the Cal Golf Team increase his club head speed and Angle of Attack to increase his distance by 20 yards, my Winter Club members got significantly better in 14 weeks!  Golfers getting better and thereby, enjoying the game that much more!!
Here are the upcoming events that you can be part of!
May 2nd Ė Beginnerís Camp

I will hold my first "Beginner Camp" on Sunday, May 3rd from 9am - 12noon.

If you are interested in learning how to play golf, this is the camp for you!

We will start on the putting green, move to the chipping area and finally wind up on the driving range.

We will start slow and learn how to putt, but more importantly learn the commonalities between putting and the full swing.  We will then learn to chip, but more importantly, learn the commonalities of chipping and the full swing.  When we arrive at the driving range, you will have already learned many of the requirements for making the full swing through your putting and chipping education.  You will leave this class with a better understanding of the golf swing, a video analysis of what you are doing well and what you need to improve on, and access to my video instruction library to reference should you forget anything. You also get a range discount card and a discount on rounds of golf at Shoreline Golf Links.

The cost is $149 for the 3 hour session.  Feel free to bring your family and friends! 

For more information, visit

To register, please visit:

There will be Level II and Level III classes to follow.


I am really impressed by the progress made by this year's Winter Club (24 members doing a 14 week program throughout the winter!)  We started by taking Trackman numbers (club head speed, average distance, etc.) prior to the Winter Club starting and after 9 weeks more data was collected.  The results have been impressive!  Students are creating faster club head speeds, hitting their clubs farther and achieving a more consistent swing!

Many of the club members asked me if we could have a "Summer Club." 

I am pleased to announce, we will have a "Winter Club - Summer School!"

Since summer is a difficult time to commit to a weekly schedule, I decided the Club will meet every 2 weeks.

My thought is that if I get enough students, I can have two or more groups on alternating weeks.  This way, if somebody has to miss one of their sessions, they can make it up by attending another groupís session.

I want to continue to focus on full swing, since that is where the most progress has been. 

We will also continue to work on putting, short game and "how to practice."  (I have a detailed practice plan that I will be offering for purchase soon)

Summer School will start on Sunday, April 26th.  We will go in blocks of 4 one hour sessions on Sunday's at 9:00am Ė 10am.  (There will be additional times based on the number of students interested).  The 4 one hour lessons will cost $150. (You also get a range discount card and a discount on rounds of golf at Shoreline Golf Links.)

The Winter Club has been scientifically proven to work using Trackman data for all students!

This club is open to all who are interested in joining!  (You do not need to be a member of the current Winter Club to join)

To sign up, please email me at or call me at (650) 346-9235.

I am going to have a "Green Reading Clinic" on Sunday, April 26th at 12:00pm to 2:00pm.

If you have difficulty knowing which way your ball is going to break on the putting green and how much it is going to break, this clinic will help you immensely!

You will learn the difference between reading 3-6 foot putts, 6-20 foot putts and long multi-break putts.

If you feel completely lost reading a putt, this is a clinic that will put your mind at ease. 

The cost of this 2 hour clinic is $75.  (I paid $250 for the same 2 hour clinic!)

To register, please visit

Putting, Short Game and Sand Bunker Clinics
I continue to receive great feedback from my previous putting clinics and short game clinics!

Thank you to all who have attended!

The fact that my personal putting and short game have improved so much is testament to the techniques I learned from some of the greatest teachers in the world!

During my putting and Short Game Clinics, I share this knowledge.

I will be having the following clinics:

                  Putting Clinic - Saturday, May 16th 9:00am - 11:00am Yes, a Saturday clinic!!  I made the clinic 2 hours because I want enough time to spend with each and every one of you!  I will give you the information you need to be successful, but then I will spend time with each of you to analyze your putting stroke and make recommendations.  This 2 hour session will cost $75 and you will also receive a video analysis of your putting stroke.  To register, please email me directly or phone (650) 346-9235.  Learn what the PGA Tour players are learning about their putting!

                  Chipping and Pitching Clinic - Sunday, May 17th - 12noon to 2:30pm  On the following day, I will have a chipping and pitching clinic.  I made this clinic 2 1/2 hours based on previous clinics.  2 1/2 hours will give us time to go over all the material and leave plenty of time to for me to work personally with each and every one of you.  This chipping and pitching clinic will be different from anything you learned about chipping and pitching.  The information presented is a collaboration of some of the greatest short game instructors in the world.  I always run into students who tell me their short game has improved so much since taking my course.  This 2 1/2 hour session will cost $90.  To register, please email me directly at or phone (650) 346-9235.  If you truly want to lower your scores, this is a great way to do it!  This class fills up quickly so please do not hesitate.

                  Sand Bunker Clinic  May 24th 12 noon to 2pm  Getting out of a sand bunker is most golfers nightmare.  In actuality, it is a very easy shot!  Learn the correct technique and you will sleep better at night!  The technique I teach, I label a "fool proof method."  That has been challenged by some students, but by the end of the lesson, every student was able to make it out of the bunker on a regular basis.  This is a 2 hour session and the cost is $75.  I have to limit the size of this group due to the limited sand bunker space.  If you are interested, please email me directly at or phone (650) 346-9235.   Once again, this one fills up quickly, so please do not hesitate.

                  "The Total Package" - If you would like to sign up for all of these clinics, I offer "The Total Package" discounts:

           Total Package I - (green reading, putting, chipping and pitching, and sand bunker)
           Price for all 4 clinics - $290 (a $25 savings)
           Total Package II - (3 of the 4 clinics) - Price $220

 To register, email me at or phone (650) 346-9235.

For more information about me, the state-of-the-art technologies I utilize, or these camps, please visit my website:, email me at or call me at (650) 346-9235.
I look forward to welcoming you as a new student!
Bill Mykytka





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