Monday golf signups are done either by initialing our club sign-up sheet available at the golf course, or by calling the clubhouse to add your name to an available open spot on the sheet.

You also need a pre-arranged tee time for Wednesday club play. Wednesday golf signups are done by emailing Joe Urbassik at to be placed on the tee time sheet.

Please WEAR A MASK when you congregate around the pro shop, on the practice greens, or on the first tee.

Some groups of our players have attempted to play earlier than their established tee times. We cannot do this. You must play in the group and time you have been assigned to play with. It may look like there are openings on the tee box, but one of the major concerns about group play is that too many of the players will congregate. Again, please wait until your assigned time to play.

The golf course management has lengthened the tee time intervals to 10 minutes. This means that there may seem to be openings on the tee box, but it is designed to prohibit golfers from congregating on the tee box, and to spread out play on the course. Again, you are not to tee off until your appointed time. Course management is relying on us to do the right thing.

POSTING - Please post your scores each week to GHIN, to keep your handicap consistent. There are links on this website for posting scores to the GHIN. You must play out of the sand traps. The Board has determined that for the time being you can pick-clean-place your ball in the trap no further than 1 club length from the initial resting spot, and all putts must be played into the cup.

HOW DO I PAY? - If you pay each week, it is requested that you call the Pro Shop at (650) 903-4653, make sure you have a tee time assigned from out signup sheet, and pre-pay. If you have any kind of prepaid card, or you are a course volunteer, though you will not need prepay, you still need to be on our signup sheet.

CARTS - You can pay for carts at the clubhouse when you arrive to play. There is only one golfer to a cart.

When dealing with the Pro Shop please be patient. They are trying their best to be efficient and courteous.