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Hello all,


The Shoreline Seniors Board Meeting was held on Thursday (December 13). Minutes from this meeting will shortly be posted on the web site.


IMPORTANT - Sign ups for the upcoming 2019 season are underway. If you have already signed up, disregard this section of the email. If you have not signed up, you have until December 31st to sign up for $81.00. After this date the cost for sign up is $91.00. After December 31, the club must submit a list of current members to the NCGA. Our Membership Chairman sent a email to all 2018 members that contained the sign up sheet. If you did not receive the form, it can be found on the web site (left hand column). Also copies are available in the sign in room on Monday mornings.


Effective January 1st, the USGA implements some new rules for playing. Copies will be in the sign in room on Mondays or you can find them on the USGA website.


THIS FROM THE PRO SHOP - Each week the Shoreline Seniors provides to the Pro Shop a list of those players that have signed up to play on Monday. These tee time pairing have been developed to accommodate the type of games we are playing (i.e., two man teams, etc). There are some individuals that continue to move out of their assigned times, and make those changes at the Pro Shop. This causes some problems and confusion on the Pro shop. Please play at the time you are assigned. Also, if you are playing on Monday morning you must sign-in in the conference room. Besides additional club information being displayed, this sign-in is imports to reconcile the number of players who are playing versus the the sweeps information provided by the Pro Shop.


As we enter the winter months we will have fewer players (for various reasons) . If you do sign up but need to cancel, you must call the pro shop. So I suggest that you try to arrive at the golf course a bit earlier as your group could me moved up t avoid open tee times.


Lastly, I am no longer doing the weekly tee times. Dinesh Bhat has agreed to take over this task. We are all thankful for Dinesh's support.


MIke Sliter

Vice President