By Bill Marsden (


In Attendance:  James Birchall (Touchstone Golf, GM), Matt Wisely (Shoreline Golf Superintendent), J. P. de la Montaigne

 (City of Mountain View), Bill Marsden (Shoreline Seniors), Connie (Ladies Club Representative), Mark Diamond (At Large)


Golf Operations Review (Fiscal Year started July 1, 2016)

1.     Staffing: Zack McGeehan is in the office doing tournament promotions & sales (a position formerly held by John Henry)

2.       We are losing some help in the cart barn & shop.

3.     Rounds are down because of some rain on weekends, raises in greens fees, changes to membership programs.

4.     Revenue is down slightly from plan – again mostly due to rain on weekends.

5.     The course will be closed on Christmas day.

6.     Budget planning is taking place for 2017, 2018 which includes pricing structure and fees, and working with Mountain

7.     View’s living wage rules.

8.     Final budget is due in February.

9.     There has been substantial cost savings derived from the solar panels installed this year.


Maintenance and Course Conditions Summary

1.     Projects

a.     New tee signs have been deployed.

b.     Ball washers are being refurbished – this will continue for a couple more months.

c.      Kirby yardage markers have been removed and redeployed to single markers in the middle of the fairway

d.      at 100, 150, and 200 yards.  They will be repainted to be red, white, and blue markers without yardages written

e.     on them.

f.       37 dead trees have been removed.  Some will be replaced for safety reasons - #6 green, #3 tee, #7 tee (?), #15 tee.

g.      Trenching (for drainage) is being done for #3 approach, #16 approach and fairway, #12 fairway (which needs

h.      raising or deepening trench – which is problematic because the solid ground covering the land fill is only so thick).

i.       Left of #9 was a cracked ground area where methane escaped.  “No mow” areas on the course are being cha

j.       nged to 4 inch grass so that other cracked ground areas can be identified and treated.

k.      The coot feeding programs are still being done and monitored.  The November count of coots is 160 (which is low).

l.         It should be noted that it was the coots who ate most of the duckweed in the ponds.  The Geese numbers are

m.    down slightly as well.

n.     The rapid blight is gone from the greens, though there is still one more treatment of the appropriate fungicide. 

o.     The staff is still aerating the greens with smaller solid tines.

2.     Future Projects

a.     Tee leveling is planned for #2 red, #8 black, #14 white & blue, #16 white & blue, #17 white & blue.

b.     Drainage and tee leveling is planned for the driving range.

c.      Improving drainage is planned for #1 fairway, #3 right side, #7 right side fairway, #12 fairway (which may

d.     include raising)

3.     Questions I asked

a.     I asked if there were any planned improvements for greens #1, #2, and #12.  Yes, there are plans to improve

b.     those greens during 2017 or 2018, and that there is money budgeted.

c.      I asked if the conditions of the fairways were to be expected at this course, more so than other courses.

d.      Matt reported that the greens and tee boxes are his number one priority.  Also, because the soil is clay

e.      (which is the cap for the landfill) the best thing his staff can do is to keep the grass growing in the fairways as

f.        much as possible.

g.        It could take many years of top dressing and other treatments before they would match the better fairways

h.      in the area.