By Bill Marsden (


In Attendance:  James Birchall (Touchstone Golf, GM), Matt Wisely (Shoreline Golf Superintendent), J. P. de la Montaigne (City of Mountain View), Bill Marsden (Shoreline Seniors)


Golf Operations Review (Fiscal Year started July 1, 2016) James Birchall

1.     Revenues for 3 years have been relatively flat.

2.     Expenses for 2017 & 2018 will increase due to minimum wage increases and increased sick leave.  Health benefits will decrease (very) slightly due to a change in vendors.  2018 will represent a 33% increase in personnel expenses from 2016.

3.     Net earnings for this fiscal year through December were ahead of plan.  However, January has been a bad month due to the amount of rain, so revenues were down.  Spending has been under target for this year.  It is still expected that the earnings for this year will come in close to plan.

4.     There are three new staff members (Henry, Malo, and Matt), and we are still looking to hire more clubhouse help.

5.     Zack has been coming up to speed on bookings for tournaments and is starting to show good results.

6.     There is a shotgun start for Super Bowl Sunday (special event).

7.     Budget planning for 2017, 2018 is taking place.  A $1 raise for each greens fee, and a proportional increase for memberships, is being considered.  A comparison of greens fees for local courses is being used in the planning.


Maintenance and Course Conditions Summary

1.     Pumping standing water into the drains, and clearing drains have been the top priorities this month.

2.     Repairing bunkers is currently being done.

3.     Mowers should be out by Friday (Jan 27).  That we can mow is generally a sign that carts will not be restricted to the paths.

4.     An irrigation audit begins Tuesday (Jan 31).  The staff will be cleaning sprinkler heads before that.

5.     The tee project bidding is going through the contract signing process.  When completed, we will begin on numbers 16 & 14 (leveling and resodding).

6.     The refurbishing of ball washers has been completed.

7.     Yardage plates will be painted (red, white, and blue) once we have a sustained dry spell.


Questions I asked (and will follow up with at future meetings)

1.     Per a request from Dan Barreras, I asked if the ‘environmental’ part of the hazard on #17 around the green can be moved back to the new fence – even if the hazard is kept where it is.  That is, make the stakes all red rather than red with a green top.  James said he would check with the club pros to get their opinions.

2.     I asked if we could have 100, 150, and 200 markers on the cart paths – even if it is just a painted line across the path.  This suggestion is being considered.