Golf Lessons at Shoreline Golf Links by PGA Pro Roy Day

Hello everyone,
Hope that this email finds you well and that you are keeping up with your New Year’s Resolutions. If one of more of your resolutions is to play better and enjoy your time while playing on the golf course, please continue reading.
I have chosen to be both a golf coach and golf instructor this year. In addition to golf instruction through private lessons, group lessons and corporate outings, I am offering golf coaching through four SPeeD Golf Academies in 2015. Three SPeeD Golf Academy – Weekends (advanced - 7th to 12th grade) and (intermediate - 1st to 6th grade), (beginners - all grades), and a SPeeD Golf Academy Adults (ages 18+ with 0 handicap to 40).
SPeeD Golf Academy Adults
I am excited to offer a golf academy for adults, which produces improved play and quantifiable results. Every golfer who attends improves. No golfer has had their skills fail or diminish from attending a SPeeD Golf Academy. The secret lies in the short bursts of deliberate, focused practice. The effectiveness has been proven by hundreds of Academy members, including an All American at Stanford (2013-14) and a qualifier of the 2013 Women’s US Open and the 2014 Women’s US Amateur Match Play (semi-finalist). Another story is that Mark S. wanted to break 90 from the white tees. After practicing using SPeeD Practice Drills for 9 months, he shot 78 from the white tees. Improvement in your golf game will arrive when you practice your skills with motivated, dedicated, focused, and deliberate practice. SPeeD Practice Drills was designed with this in mind and is much easier to say.
My SPeeD Golf Academy teaches you how to improve your skills, not change your current technique. Whether you are a single digit or a 36 handicap, learning how to improve your skills without learning a new ‘Method’ of technique will allow you to push your scoring lower and create more enjoyment while playing on a golf course.
Starting on Sunday, May 31 at 10:00am is my third SPeeD Golf Academy -Adults. The first two Academies were a huge success and each student improved their skills and transferred those skills onto the golf course. The dates and times for the SPeeD Golf Academy Adults is on page two of the 2015 schedule. This Academy is the best option for you to lower your scoring average in the shortest time.
SPeeD Golf Academy Weekends – Juniors
This Academy was created for junior golfers who want to play better and score lower in a social environment conducive to game improvement and skills improvement. The SPeeD Golf Academy Weekends is available year round with open enrollment approximately every 10 weeks. Included are on course lessons approximately every third or fourth week. Currently there are three options for junior golfers wishing to participate:

1.                  An Academy for Advanced players on Saturday afternoons.  
2.                  An Academy for Intermediate players on Sunday afternoons
3.                  An Academy for Beginning players on Saturday afternoons. 
4.                  An After School Academy for all players on Wednesdays.
The next SPeeD Golf Academy Weekends open enrollment for Advance players is Saturday, April 4th and Sunday, April 5th for Intermediate players. The Beginner SPeeD Golf Academy begins on Saturday, March 21st and the After School SPeeD Golf Academy starts on Wednesday, March 25th 
Membership into the Advanced and Intermediate Academies is by invitation only. If you wish to have your son/daughter participate, please contact me so we can set up an interview and get them registered. The Beginner SPeeD Golf Academy and After School SPeeD Golf Academy is first come, first served, class size is limited.
2015 Adult Group Lessons (p. 1 & 2)
Last year over 110 adults attended one or more Adult Group Lessons at Shoreline Golf Links taught by Roy Day, PGA. The schedule for Level 1 and Level 2 can be found on page one. Dates and times for Level 3 and the SPeeD Golf Academy Adults are on page two. This year, my goal is to help over 150 Adults with learning to play better. The first class starts on Sunday, March 15th.
2015 Junior Group Lessons (p. 5 & 6)
Last year over 140 juniors attended one or more junior beginning group lessons and SPeeD Golf Academy – Summer Camp at Shoreline Golf Links taught by Roy Day, PGA. The schedule for the Beginning Junior Golf Camps can be found on page five. The SPeeD Golf Academy - Summer Camp dates and times are on page six. This year, my goal is to help over 175 juniors with learning this great game and to shoot lower scores.
The 2015 Adult Group Lesson schedule is on pages one and two.
The 2015 Junior Group lesson schedule is on pages five and six.

Click here to view 2015 Adult and Junior lesson schedule.

In 2015, another goal of mine is to complete the four-step SPeeD Practice Drills endeavor.
1.         Convert my 2nd Edition ‘SPeeD Practice Drills – A Faster Way to Improve’ into an eBook and sell it online;
2.         Have a SPeeD Practice Drills app created and combined with the eBook;
3.         Streamline production of SPeeD Practice Packs;
4.         SPeeD Golf Academy website
If you or someone you know is interested in participating in one or more parts of this endeavor, please contact me.
I would like to thank each of you for your continued patronage and your belief in my abilities to help you to reach your golfing goals. My business grew last year and continues to grow due to your support and referrals. Thank you.
I am looking forward to working with you on reaching your golfing goals this year.
See you soon.
‘Aim, just in case’
Roy Day, PGA
Shoreline Golf Links
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