Shoreline Golf Links Administration



·       Rounds – Rounds of golf exceeded the goal compared to prior year.  Weather was a big factor with little rain and warmer than normal temperatures helped Shoreline Golf Links finish with 5,136 rounds of golf compared to a goal of 5,145 and only 3,593 from the prior year. 

·       Tournaments – Thanks to fantastic weather and our diligence this month, February turned out to be a great month for Tournaments and Events. We sent contracts out/booked 18 events so far since February 1st. We finished at $19,965 for tournament revenue (GF, CF & RG; 118% to tournament plan) with 427 tournament rounds.

o      The Sunday Super Shotgun was a success this year totaling about 112 players and reeling in over $5,600. We also raised $208 dollars through the Touchstone Golf Foundation and will be donating the funds to MVHS Boosters Club as apart out Mountain View community outreach initiative this year.

§       We also will be hosting their Spartan Golf Tournament next month on March 10th.

o      Lunar New Year Golf Outing brought in 17 players and raised $170 for MVHS Boosters Club. Those who played said they enjoyed the outing and contribution to the Boosters Club.

o      Information about our new Shore9 League has gone out and we already have 8 members signed up. We have in-turn sold 8 Player’s Club memberships. I am still getting a lot of questions from people interested in the league. 

§       League starts in April and will play 8 consecutive Thursday’s promptly at 5:30pm with a Shotgun Start

§       League promotes Player’s Club membership as it is required to be at least a P.C. member to qualify to join the Shore9 League



·       Tee Leveling: Laser Tee leveling was completed this month. We leveled 3 Tee (Blue), 6 Tee (Red & White), 8 Tee (Red), and 16 Tee (Red, White & Blue.) The tees were sodded with Bandera Bermuda Grass, which is the same turf we’ve used on all of the Tee Leveling completed to date. The new tees have been over-seeded with perennial rye grass seed and rolled. They should be ready for play in a few weeks.


C:\Users\MWilson\Desktop\PRC Photos\New folder (3)\Sod Projects\IMG_1792.JPG    C:\Users\MWilson\Desktop\PRC Photos\New folder (3)\Sod Projects\IMG_1793.JPG    C:\Users\MWilson\Desktop\PRC Photos\New folder (3)\Sod Projects\IMG_1803.JPG


C:\Users\MWilson\Desktop\PRC Photos\New folder (3)\Sod Projects\IMG_1797.JPG    C:\Users\MWilson\Desktop\PRC Photos\New folder (3)\Sod Projects\IMG_1816.JPG


·       Sod Projects: Along with Tee Leveling, we’ve also been busy repairing worn out areas and completing the Land-Fill Cap Project on 9 Fairway. The areas we have repaired thus far are cart path edges on 5 green, 12 green & 16 Tee; 18 Fairway; and the walk way from 11 green to 12 tee.

C:\Users\MWilson\Desktop\PRC Photos\New folder (3)\Sod Projects\IMG_1802.JPG  C:\Users\MWilson\Desktop\PRC Photos\New folder (3)\Sod Projects\IMG_1821.JPG  C:\Users\MWilson\Desktop\PRC Photos\New folder (3)\Sod Projects\IMG_1824.JPG


C:\Users\MWilson\Desktop\PRC Photos\New folder (3)\Sod Projects\IMG_1826.JPG  C:\Users\MWilson\Desktop\PRC Photos\New folder (3)\Sod Projects\IMG_1818.JPG  C:\Users\MWilson\Desktop\PRC Photos\New folder (3)\Sod Projects\IMG_1827.JPG

·       Frost: The latest cold snap has brought the return of Frost to the golf course. Over-night temperatures have dipped into the low 30’s. We are hopeful for some more rain which will help with us with turf quality and keep the frost at bay.


                                              C:\Users\MWilson\Desktop\PRC Photos\New folder (3)\Sod Projects\IMG_1825.JPG