Members Guide:

Hopefully this page will be helpful in your understanding of how the club works and get you playing and enjoying the game of golf. If you have any comments or suggestion, tell us how we can make your experience better.

About the Tournaments:

Depending on the season and the weather, we have 50-60 players on Mondays. As you can see from the Tournament Schedule on the website Home Page, the format varies from week to week, sometimes with individual games, sometimes with games for twosomes or foursomes. Prizes are awarded by flights as well as Closest to the Pin payouts on two of the par three holes.

Attendance is much lighter on Wednesdays, usually no more than two dozen players. The games are more limited, usually a simple Low Net, with only one Closest to the Pin prize. The prizes are awarded in only one or two flights, depending on the number of players who turn up to play.

Making Tee Times:

Tee times are required for the Monday events and only apply to foursomes. On Tournament days, an individual can show up at the course and sign-up on the Singles Stand-by List. However, this may result in your not being able to play as opening may not occur.


Two other methods are encouraged which have a much higher probability of you being able to play on tournament days. One, have your name added to the permanent Singles List since foursomes are encouraged to contact willing singles to fill out their groups when they have absent players. The second and most effective procedure is to call the pro-shop the preceding week to see if any of the foursomes have called to declare an opening in their group. They are required to do this by Wednesday evening and any single can put his name in any of these empty spots.  It may take more than one call as cancellations may come even after Wednesday. Both of these methods will enable you to know exactly when you will be playing so you won’t have to waste any time waiting. If you find an open tee time, please plan to arrive at the course at least twenty minutes prior to your tee time.



No advanced tee times are required as they are allotted on a first come first serve basis. Wednesdays are also a good way to meet and play with a variety of players, personalities, skill levels, and paces. Players start showing up around 6:30 AM with the first group going out at 7:30 AM. These are the hard core players of the club.

Rules and Procedures:

Before the Round
Check-in at the Pro Shop and pay your greens fees plus $5.00 for the prize money fund. Provide the staff with your tee time and your name. Then go to the Conference Room and sign in on the sign-up sheet (name and handicap). See also how to fill out the scorecard for the game of the day. The Game of The Day is posted on the Bulletin Board outside the Pro Shop together with your tee time. Be sure to check your handicap every Two Weeks.

Out on the Course
Swap your scorecard with another member of your foursome. Make sure your Scorecard has the following: date, name, and your handicap. Read the official Rules and Procedures pages in the Club Info section of the website. One of them says "No Gimmies” and no “Mulligans.” You are not finished with a hole until you putt the ball into the hole! Play "Ready Golf." Observe the Golden Rule of Golf, replace your divots, fix ball marks, rake all traces of your visit to any of the bunkers. We're proud of the improved condition of the course, and we all want to do our part to keep it getting better.

After the Round
When finished, have your scorer sign your card and then sign attesting the score. Make sure you have filled the score card completely with your initial and last name clearly legible and your current course handicap entered in the space provided. Then post your score on the computer and drop the score card in the box next to the posting computer. Failure to do any of the above will result in disqualification. And failure to post your score will earn you a "low penalty score."


Pace of Play:

Shoreline Golf Links believes strongly that a reasonable pace of play is a key ingredient in a pleasurable golf experience. The term "reasonable" translates into a pace in which all foursomes play such that none of them are kept waiting to hit their shots while the group in front of them never has to wait. Or to put it another way, your place on the course is immediately behind the group in front of you, not immediately in front of the group behind you. A significant number of the Senior Club members also serve as Volunteer Marshals at the course so they have a special sensitivity to slow play. This desire for a faster round is most strongly felt by those with the earlier tee times and as at most courses, the pace slows down as the day goes on. So if you find that your game prospers with a more "deliberate" pace, we strongly advise that you seek to play later in the morning. Ask any of the members who some of the marshals are, or ask the ones patrolling the course if you need a brief lecture on the concept of "Ready Golf." It is the official game of the Shoreline Senior Men’s Club. Remember, our goal is to have everyone play eighteen holes in 41/2 Hours Or Less.

Finding a Group:

We welcome you to the Shoreline Senior Men’s Golf Club. We hope you enjoy the camaraderie of being a member as much as we do and are able to find a group to regularly play with. Just be aware that the most effective way is to begin playing regularly as a single on Monday’s and Wednesday’s. By doing so, you will eventually find your group. If you are having difficulty finding a group, please do not hesitate to ask any Board Member or Club Member for assistance. Again, welcome to Shoreline!