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Club Membership dues for Year 2018 are $81.00 ($42 Club, $39 NCGA) for Regular Member and $45.00 for Social Member.  Dues are delinquent after December 31, 2017.  After December 31st, the fees go up $10.00 to $91.00 for Regular Member and $55.00 for Social Member.  Make checks payable to Shoreline Seniors Golf Club and mail with lower portion of this application to:


Bryan Shak,915 Kristin Ridge Way, Milpitas, CA 95035


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In applying for renewal, you agree to; (1) comply with the By-Laws, Rules and Procedures of this Club; (2) abide by all agreements that have been entered into by said Club and all agreements that the Board of Directors of this Club enter into subsequent to the date of application and (3) serve as a greeter at least once a year, as of the date of application.