December 8, 2016


Members Present:  Dan Barreras, Jim Whitaker, Ron Labrum, Dave Kamachi. Mike Sliter, Bill Marsden, and Bryan Shak (new member).


Minutes:  The minutes of the September 29, 2016 meeting were approved.


Treasurer Report:  Jim Whitaker reported the following estimates for 2017

      Starting balance of $2,246

      Expected 2017 income of $7,372

      Expected expenses of $8389 (NCGA dues, web site, member guest tournament, and annual meeting tournament)

      Expected balance of $1,229 at the end of 2017


Membership Committee:  The board approved the appointment of Bryan Shak as Membership Chairman, replacing Mike Ross.  There was some discussion about having money which is left on former club member’s accounts revert back to the club after a specified period of time (2 years was suggested).  No final decision was made.


Tournament Director:  The board made several changes to a proposed 2017 tournament schedule prepared by Bill.  Those changes included:

      Remove the (2) scramble events because it is too easy to have several golfers without partners.

      Change 5 events now include “Draw for Partners” where each golfer’s partner will be determined by a random draw (golfers play in their regular groups).  This will give a new opportunity for some golfers who seldom win.

      The BBQ-Guest tournament was moved from 26 June to 10 July.  This was done in to move it away from the Club Championship – both of those events require extra work to run.  Bill volunteered to do the extra work for the club championship.

      There was some discussion about removing the 5 Clubs tournament.  This suggestion was considered and rejected by the board.

The schedule was approved as amended.


There was some discussion about individuals and/or foursomes which take “gimmees”.  It was reiterated that this is not allowed.  But it would probably take someone “turning in his buddy” in order to properly police this.  No action was taken.

Handicap Chairman:  The board decided to limit the “T” score tournaments to the three rounds of the club championship.  This is a change from previous years where there were several regular Monday tournaments which were also counted as “T” scores.  Ron indicated that, according to the NCGA, a “T” score should indicate a more important tournament, not just a weekly one.  There was some discussion about a) adding one or two more tournaments as “T” scores, and b) eliminating all “T” scores, including the club championships.  These were rejected by the board for 2017.


Greens Committee:  Bill indicated that there would be a Greens Committee meeting on Wednesday, December 14, and asked for any questions or suggestions from board members for the committee.  1)  Should we expect fairways to always contain bare spots? 2) Are there any plans to make the greens for #1, #2, and #12 more level?


New Business:  Bill asked if the board wants to consider changing the club by-laws because the club has been shrinking and maybe we need fewer officers.  No decision was made.  Note: any change to the by-laws would need to be voted on by the membership at the annual meeting.


(From the minutes for September 29, 2016 meeting) Mike indicated that, in several instances, the board is not following the club by-laws and, we should follow them or change them – whichever is appropriate.  No action was taken.


Next Meeting:  Thursday March 23, 2017 at 8:00 am.