March 30, 2017


Members Present:  Dan Barreras, Jim Whitaker, Mike Sliter, Bill Marsden, and Harry Emerzian.


Minutes:  The minutes of the December 8, 2016 meeting were approved.


Treasurer Report:  Jim Whitaker reported the following

      Current balance (Feb 28):  $5,323

      Outstanding checks: $95.94

      After projected income/expenses from Member/Guest and Annual Meeting tournaments, we expect to have a remaining balance of about $1,000.

      Dan needs to assign people to be authorized to use the club checking account.  Jim will be leaving the treasurer position.  O.J. is also authorized.


Membership Committee: 

      The club currently has 88 members, not all of which play in the tournaments – some want just to maintain a handicap.

      Harry raised concern that the club membership has been dropping.  There was some discussion.  Bill pointed out this is true of the other Shoreline clubs.  Mike pointed out that the popularity of golf, in general, has declined.  No actions were taken.

      Jim suggested that the jobs of treasurer and membership chair be combined.  Membership checks come to the membership chair, but have to be turned over to the treasurer for deposit.  That is, it should be easier just to have the membership chair deposit the checks.  Bryan will be approached with this suggestion.


Tournament Director: 

      Dan reported that scoring the two-man better ball, blind draw tournament was VERY difficult and time consuming because he had to determine the teams and the better ball for every hole.  The board agreed to replace any blind draw tournaments involving determining better ball with something else.  Blind draw tournaments will be restricted to total score from now on.

      Bill will be the chairman for the club championships; Jim will be the chairman for the member/guest tournament; Mike will be the chairman for the annual meeting tournament.

      Mike reported that we have too many twosomes and threesomes.  He will avoid assigning twosomes to a tee time going forward.  The club also has reserved more tee times than we are using – which can cause lost revenue for Shoreline.  The board agreed to let’s see what happens this month as more golfers start playing after the cold and wet winter months, before returning any significant number of tee times to Shoreline.  Also, an approach to determine which groups to break up (if needed to fill out foursomes) needs to be determined.

      The board agreed to halt the use of the sheet that golfers use to sign in on the day of the tournament to see if it is really needed.  That is, the tournament director will use the list compiled by the front desk to determine who is, or isn’t playing.


Handicap Chairman:

     Mike suggested that we document any of the club-specific rules that we use.  For example pick-clean-and-place and drop zones.  We could also take this time to see if other rule changes should be made – like eliminate stroke-and-distance penalties.  Mike and Bill will be responsible for proposing a solution.  I suggest we get Ron Labrum involved (if his health will permit).

      Bill suggested that we also look at the new set of rules proposed by USGA and R&A.

Shoreline Local Rules


Greens Committee:  Key items from the March 22 meeting (details in a separate doc)

      Shoreline lost about 4,000 rounds (and $120,000) during January/February because of the large amount of rain.  Much of the lost revenue in the plan was made up with lower labor costs (jobs not yet filled), water savings, and water credits.

      New twilight/super twilight hours start April 1 (2:00pm/4:00pm)

      A number of new events are planed

o      Srixon ball fitting (2nd Wednesday of the month until June)

o      NCGA Play (Beginning April 23, held during twilight)

o      World Largest Golf Outing on May 1

o      World Golf Skills Challenge for twosomes & foursomes

      Superintendent’s Report

o      Tee box project has been completed

o      Aeration completed, bigger tines were used – and should help

o      Aeration of tees, fairways, and rough is coming soon

o      Sprinkler audit has been completed.  Results were mostly OK, some sprinkler heads will need to be raised.

o      2017-2018 budget includes a roller to be obtained in July

      Other questions/concerns

o      On course restrooms are in poor shape

o      Water drainage on roadway exiting the course (near #7) could be improved without using much money

o      Matt Wisely (and Mark Diamond), disagreed with my assertion that there was some crowning to the holes.


Old Business:

      Bill will oversee a review of the club by-laws.  Note: any change to the by-laws would need to be voted on by the membership at the annual meeting.
(From the minutes for September 29, 2016 meeting) Mike indicated that, in several instances, the board is not following the club by-laws and, we should follow them or change them – whichever is appropriate.

Seniors Club By-Laws

Next Meeting:  Thursday May 11, 2017 at 8:00 am.